Several challenging murders, each spreading a trademark MO, happen across Malaysia and Republic of indonesia

Several challenging murders, each spreading a trademark MO, happen across Malaysia and Republic of indonesia

A series of terrible murders, each discussing a trademark MO, occurs across Malaysia and Republic of indonesia. Called in to analyze, Singaporean International criminal activities department (ICD) specialist Serena Teo (Rebecca Lim) gets cost of a situation within the line exactly where kids is slaughtered aboard a high end boat in Johor. Meanwhile, in Jakarta, for ICD Lieutenant Heriyanto Salim (Ario Bayu), the truth turns individual when their twin can be obtained murdered in comparable settings. Looking for answers, Heri discovers a way to add themselves inside Malaysian examination. As Serena and Heri interact to trap the great, her inquiries cause them to industrialist/kingpin Datuk Ishak Hassan (Wan Hanafi Su), whose pronounced parents and regarded colleagues all have some link with the sufferers. Could Ishak staying following that regarding the identify, or is he or she the guy liable? Tracking down his or her additional a?unsavourya allies, Serena try shocked to encounter a familiar face: regarding the woman grieving ex-partner, past Malaysian ICD policeman Megat Jamil (Bront Palarae).

Fairly Minimal Liars

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a?Two are able to keep a secret. if a person of those try deada? In Amerta institution, 5 women means the most well-liked clique at school a Aria, Hanna, Sabrina, Ema, and Alissa. One-night, the very best partners function at Sabrinaas share quarters. Any time these people rise, these people read Alissa is missing. These 4 teenagers tends to be pushed back in one anotheras resides whenever they receive communications blackmailing involving them with tricks merely Alissa may have identified. The messages may somebody who dubs themselves a?Aa. The outdated gang groups jointly while they turned out to be convinced that a?Aa should Alissa, that presently somewhere taunting them. Which, until Alissaas body is found out in the yard of the woman property. So who slain Alissa? Assuming Alissa was useless. next who’s going to be a?Aa?

Your Bubble Tea

Modem, she has something. The woman aunt can throw a spell, hence do she. But she shall never use it!

On her 24th christmas, a?love never losta enchanting ripple beverage is given to Modem as a gift. She insists not to ever make use of it. Magic-induced absolutely love can’t ever get true. The arena suddenly demonstrates this model wrong as that tea, believing that she put they at a distance, try functioned right down to the helmet of BearBike dude. Lamp, who’s going to be a bastard to all however extremely nice to the!

Modemas true love are president, and illumination is definitely an artificial fantasy. At the least this is what she says to by herself. The girl really love with chief really doesnat seem to get anywhere while lamp happens to be focused on this lady. Just as if facts arenat smudged however, the familyas wonders bubbles tend to be dropped and generally are no place found! In bringing back these bubbles, Modem really sees by herself unraveling the undetectable key of illumination, ceo, and by herself that arenat simply a coincidence, fairly a destiny.

Keluarga Baha Don

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Jo Don and cushion Don get away the clutches of an unlikely abductor. On the other hand, a ruthless competitor is going to damage the Baha relatives. Can mild-mannered Jo change on his own into a badass don and get back the trust of his estranged affiliates to truly save the afternoon?

Isteri Mysteri

The somewhat articles domesticity of a Kuala Lumpur residence arises in flames if a hapless polygamist find a witch doctoras prophecy the particular one of his own spouses has gone out to kill hima but the one?! They must rethink his own misunderstandings of his own wives in addition to their apparently benign facades in order to really outsmart the murderer.

Speech in the Rain

Widely known dressmaker Rarin often inexplicably learns a speech of a man’s head in her mind. This words improves the lady creativity. She amazing things whoever voice this is certainly but hasn’t ever assumed they is associated with Tanthai, the attractive professional and design that this bimbo’s gonna implement when it comes to originating wet period. After learning the master of the voice she fell for, she knows he is earnings reverse of this model ideal to the frustration. They want to gain the voices to disappear completely begin shopping for the fundamental cause of how and just why they’re able to find out each otheras sound. Something reasonas lying forward as relationship within the two grows.

Ansaf Majaneen

An Egyptian thriller line rotating around Anas, which transplants one’s heart on the author Mahmoud whose spirit chases Anas requesting him or her in order to make his own definitive wish becoming reality.

Wadi Al Jinn “The Cave”

An Egyptian Adventure show about several grouped close friends which last a trip within the wilderness to understand more about a cavern, wherein they were dragged into an underworld subject to wicked powers!

Doom at Your Program

Tak Dong Kyung, was a female who is being affected by an incurable ailments. With simply 100 nights placed of her living, she desires to the stars not just for money or reputation, except for doom. Even though it am simply terms to her, the movie stars have paid attention to the lady hope. A stranger named Myul co appears at the lady doorsteps declaring on his own are the doom worldwide. As doom, his sole character is watching over people for infinity and not be able to have any behavior or at all. However this is a story between a woman whom needs to real time joyfully for all the hours she’s got leftover, and a boy who suffers from been through the deepest shadow of doom. A story written by two different beings whom confront passing, but last edarling pl but not least recognize the real purpose of life.


We should see six mini-dramas with a “more-than-friends” facts, prompted by six tracks from six music artists of package Music. The 12 promising actors from son romance show will offer one behavior and sensations that can make your heart flutter.

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