Ultrarunners Dave Mackey, Hillary Allen and Amelia Dickerson Suffer Better

We recorded from Berkeley Park Running Company in NW Denver with an inspiring panel of athletes who experienced significant setbacks in pursuing their love for movement in the outdoors: Dave Mackey, Hillary Allen and Amelia Dickerson. Peter Downing, c0-founder of Boulder nonprofit Suffer Better and former Leadman competitor, moderates a discussion about resilience and the search for acceptance and gratitude in the face of tragedy.

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Mackey, a part-time professional ultra runner, made the incredible decision to allow doctors to amputate his leg following a freak accident on a routine run on Boulder’s Bear Peak. He’s back running on a prosthetic and is competing again (at least with family).

Hillary Allen, a full-time pro runner with The North Face, broke her back and wrists, among other devastating injuries, after falling down a 150-foot cliff during a race in Europe last year. She completed a recent 50k race but isn’t fully back in stride. She’s hoping to absorb some of Mackey’s optimism.

Amelia Dickerson holds the world marathon record for a blind woman. She lost her site as a child in a car wreck and has learned to navigate the trails and roads with her canine companion. She’s known to “ghost” pacers who run with her in races and has bumped into a few street signs and fences along the way. 

A big thanks to our friends at Berkeley Park Running Company for hosting and to Suffer Better for convening the discussion!

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