Endurance Coaches Megan and David Roche on Happy Running

We recorded a live show with endurance coaches and authors of “The Happy Runner” Megan and David Roche with a whole bunch of friends at Boulder Running Co. This episode is a collaboration with our friends with Trails in Motion Film Tour — get your tickets for the January 23 Boulder world premiere.

Among the #fots (friends of the show) featured in this episode:

-Endurance coach and adventure racing veteran Travis Macy – author of “The Ultra Mindset” and his dad, Mark (!!)

-TV personality and social media influencer JJ Yosh

-USA mountain runner Matt Daniels

-Ultrarunner, beloved member of our local outdoors community and living inspiration Joshua Stevens 

-two of David and Megan’s clients!! (GOOD  LUCK IN NOLA!)


-Megan and David’s incredible backgrounds in law, medicine, coaching, running – and now book authoring

-Lessons they have learned working with some of the top endurance athletes in the world

-The concept of “The Happy Runner” – and how to maintain positivity in whatever we are pursuing

-CBD / dogs / David’s insecurities as a boy / other random topics

A big thanks to our title sponsor for the show – Michelle Seward with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty. Drop her a line at ms_seward@hotmail.com. And to all the awesome supporters for the evening, including Trails In Motion, Boulder Running Co.On Running and Upslope Brewing

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