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It’s a proverbial #fots explosion this week with new podcasts featuring so many friends of the show, from Dispatch Radio and our collaborators at Alpinist and our friends at REI and Wild Ideas Worth Exploring. Here’s your weekend road trip playlist… creator Brendan Leonard, adventure guide Rob Harsh and Climbing Magazine Editor Matt Samet joined us in the Airstream earlier this month to talk resilience. They have powerful stories – it’s good one! Kelly and I preview the new Rare Air Talks series launching May 17 in Boulder (Brendan and Rob will headline the June date!)

2  – The latest from the Alpinist podcast (a Dispatch Radio collaboration)

#fots James Edward Mills, author of “The Adventure Gap,” discusses the connection between the civil rights movement and mountain climbing. (Btw – the theme for May 17 Rare Air Talks debut is diversity in the outdoors.)  Another good recent one: associate editor and #fots Paula Wright’s interview with Jimmy Chin.


3 –  From REI, “Take It From Me,

Produced by #fots Nick Mott, this excellent new eight-part series from REI features #fots Brendan Leonard, #fots Mo Beck and #fots Sarah Uhl and a host of other interesting outdoorsy Coloradans.

4 – Latest from “The Enormocast”

#fots Chris Kalous set the gold standard for climbing podcasts with “The Enormocast.” In his latest episode, he offers up some of his best stuff to date with a terrific interview with MIT professor and climber Hugh Herr, who lost both legs to frostbite during an accident as a teenager.
Wild Ideas Worth Living 

5 – “Wild Ideas Worth Living” presented by REI

#fots Shelby Stanger interviews #fots Florence Williams, author of “The Nature Fix” and former Boulderite, about her craft and the science behind why nature is good for us. Mark your cals for April 24 – when we plan to get Flo in the Airstream for our next Dispatch Radio Hour!



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