Front Rangers – Come Run and Drink Beer with Courtney Dauwalter – Monday, Nov. 12

ANNOUNCE! Join a free community run, mingle and podcast recording with ultra runners Courtney Dauwalter and Candice Burt at New Terrain Brewing in Golden, Colo., on Monday, Nov. 12 from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

Be sure to RSVP on the Facebook page, where you can get full event details!

We are taking pre-orders for a special tee we’re designing for the event. Email to request one in your size. $20 – proceeds go to Jeffco Open Space to protect our local trails.

More on Courtney –>

Golden, Colo. resident and recently-turned-pro ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter is everywhere these days – on Joe Rogan’s podcast (below), Deadspin, Outside, Runner’s World, the Billy Yang Podcast and lots of other places.

And for good reason.

She caught the world’s attention with an eye-popping win at the Moab 240 last year and has not stopped winning since, with back-to-back wins at the Moab 240 and Run Rabbit Run (where she literally WENT BLIND at mile 90!). And, oh yeah, a win at the Western States 100, sometimes called the Super Bowl of ultrarunning. The list of wins goes on and on.

Last weekend, she took first (women) and second (overall) in a crazy little race called Big’s Backyard Race. The course is a 4-mile loop and runners run until there’s only one person left standing. Courtney went 270 miles over 67 hours before stopping.

Despite being a big-shot, the always-humble Dauwalter still makes time for her hometown podcast peeps … stay tuned for a special podcast recording with her coming soon!

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