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Are you like me and working furiously to peel yourself off the office chair to start that road trip on this beautiful Friday afternoon in Colorado? I’m Moab-bound, to run and cover the Behind the Rocks ultras put on by Mad Moose Events. Our good friends at La Sportiva and local rub club FRXC are helping to make it happen! It’s 1pm and the list of things I haven’t done: 1) pack (it’s running = not complicated) 2) figure out where I’m sleeping tonight (likely my car) 3) take a glance at the race course to see what awaits (sheer beauty I know!). But what’s an adventure without risk of failure right?! Anyway, if you’re like me, you should probably stop reading and start packing.

Here’s a Top 5 list of stuff to listen to on the road. (Pro tip: You can even download them all pre-trip to avoid dreaded signal interruption)…

5 – We checked back in with show favorite and #fots Clare Gallagher recently! She’s no longer shoveling snow for rent!

4 – Luis Benitez is one of our featured speakers for the upcoming – soon to be announced! – speaker series we’re launching at The Studio (Boulder). Get to know him in this fun conversation at the winter OR Show in Denver.

3 – Our collaboration with Alpinist magazine, the Alpinist podcast, is getting great traction by bringing the same hard-hitting journalism and literary style to an audio format. Recent interviews with Jimmy Chin and Bernadette McDonald are a nice place to start. Boulder producer Nick Mott’s piece on “Bear’s Lodge” is not to miss!

2 – Our friends at Amerian Alpine Club have a new podcast called “The Sharp End” that is really great. They have a powerful interview up with climber Quinn Brett, who was paralyzed during a climbing accident last year.

1 – Our latest Dispatch Radio Hour – FRESH THIS WEEK! – is a fun and inspirational conversation with four athletes who set Fastest Known Times (FKTs) in 2017.  FKTs, OKTs and WTFs with Cat Bradley, Darcy Piceu, “The Long Ranger” Justin Simoni and Bryan Williams. With Buzz Burrell and Peter Bakwin!

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-Russ Rizzo, co-creator, Dispatch Radio

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