Looks like an appropriate improve was actually issued without a reboot. Eliminated individual christian mingle

Looks like an appropriate improve was actually issued without a reboot. Eliminated individual christian mingle

Ditto happened certainly to me after an appropriate update reboot. Today their os runs on kernel 4.19 and evok can’t access the segments. In my opinion the kernel segments include incompatible making use of brand-new kernel.

Just new apply of unipian was the best way to get the os functioning once more without issuing likely improve. Clean apply also fails from a clean raspbian stretching with github install training.

Final time we damaged my running UniPian-Neuron-OS-2019-01-07-v1.9 with an appropriate revise and appropriate update. The evok solution failed to starting again after issuing this commands.

Now we just be sure to reinstall from thoroughly clean raspbian stretching lite picture there is apparently the same problems (manual from github)

What is incorrect right here? How to make a clean create? And the ways to maintain in history running system equipment up-to-date.

Now I am going to try using the old UniPian Image and not perform the likely improvement command 🙁

And here you will find the outputs through the setup directions:

Hello, The evok webssocket merely sends the changing values(temperature) from DS18B20 detectors. If quite a long time a sensor appreciate perhaps not changes, no benefits are submit for this length of time. Can you really submit for example every five full minutes the existing unchanged price?

One DS18B20 are bad. To find out that one detector had not been effortless. For that reason, We have each data type of the detectors (heating) separately attached to the coach after which tried the 1-wire coach. (in the event that home heating detector information wires were disconnected, one other 2 detectors is transmitting standards) never did we disconnect GND and + 5V to a sensor. Sadly the simple link regarding the detector data ware was not enough, because EVOK wouldn’t deliver any latest prices. Only a restart from the component could detect a functioning detector / 1-wire coach within one-minute. Without resume, the worthiness is available in felt 5-10 moments, in the event the shuttle works well .

6 sensor cable in one clamp, the bad was truth be told there. The detector cables is drilled together right after which make the WAGO clamp.

1-wire sensors were lost after some time of consumption. including the taped information (via node-red to influxdb):

I attempted to reboot via ssh (M203 Module), this does not help (after the last information near 07:45). There’s absolutely no problems in the file programs together with the put MicroSD credit (SanDisk intense Pro) the evok webinterface reveals N/A when it comes down to described sensors inside the evok.cfg

For cables i use a 2x2x0,8 EIB cable tv. Cable duration are different towards devices (in various 5-15 yards)

afterwards i’ll get pictures regarding the wiring things to determine everything are ok. ( i believe discover some issue in 1-wire slot or evok )

Would it be wanted to integrate an environment purpose in evok for this type of particular detector? (yet others)

Force typical for neuron os non-payments above 1.1 could it be typical for usage with evok? Or is indeed there some problem?

can there be a means to alter the setup registers making use of the EVOK API for DS18B20 sensor?

Where means I can put the accuracy when it comes to detectors?

With 10 detectors during the 1wire no new values were sent, I think there is certainly a hick up/problem in the 1wire coach. the EVOK online user interface and in node red no brand new beliefs are displayed/transmitted.

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