Ultrarunner/Therapist Darcy Piceu Live From Boulder

Host Kelly McConnell interviews professional ultrarunner and 3-time Hard Rock winner Darcy Piceu with the Boulder Hiker Chicks live from Go Far Shop in Boulder. They discuss how the Boulder resident still wins races in her 40s while raising a young daughter and maintaining a psychotherapy practice.

Also featuring (in order of appearance) Go Far Shop owner Kate King; Open Door Real Estate’s Sara Groem; Boulder Hiker Chicks founders Alli Fronzaglia and Kari Armstrong; and Marina Fleming with nonprofit Women’s Wilderness.¬†

Topics discussed:

-How Darcy got into running

-How she keeps motivated Рand mostly injury-free Рafter 15+ years of competitive 

-How she priorities among being a mom of a 10-yr-old daughter, managing her psychotherapy practice and running competitively as a sponsored athlete

-The importance of mental toughness and mental training

-Questions from our audience of awesome ladies with Boulder Hiker Chicks!

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