Transgender Climber Jamie Logan Joins Luis Benitez, Elyse Rhinelander in The Studio (Boulder) Airstream

Co-hosts Russ Rizzo and Kelly McConnell are joined in The Studio (Boulder) Airstream for a special LIVE preview tonight’s Rare Air Talks debut with featured speakers Luis Benitez and Jamie Logan. Two featured guests for the evening also join for the conversation – Elyse Rylander, founder of OUT There Adventures and journalist Chris Weidner. We discuss LGBTQ issues in the outdoors, and Jamie and Elyse familiarize us with the common language and etiquette to create an inclusive environment.

WATCH: Elyse Rylander, Luis Benitez, Jamie Logan and Chris Weidner answer: “What’s a word or phrase to describe the current state of diversity and inclusiveness in the outdoors, and what do you see moving forward?” ->

Listen to full audio podcast here ->

Watch video of full episode here ->

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