Join us March 5 for our season kickoff with Zoe Rom

Hello Dispatch Radio #fots and family,

We’re stoked to launch a new (!) weekly (!!) LIVE (!!!) show starting March.

It’s an all-virtual sobremesa, or fjaka, for our diverse and growing outdoors community.

Click here to RSVP for Friday’s show featuring Trail Runner magazine’s Zoe Rom (11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Mountain via Fireside app – invite only). 

Question of the week (send to 628-333-9115 or 

How does outdoor adventure—and the failure that often results—feed your creativity? 

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Text “RSVP” to 628-333-9115 or send an email with “RSVP” in the subject line to  

Can’t make it live?

We release new episodes on the podcast stream on Monday!

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March Lineup:

March 5 – Trail Runner Magazine’s Zoe Rom * March 11 – Semi-Rad creator Brendan Leonard * March 12 – Endurance coaches Megan Roche and David Roche * March 19 – Suffer Better founders Peter Downing and Bob Africa * March 26 – Genesee Nutrition founder Will Carr * March 31 – endurance coach Travis Macy

What’s new:

  • More frequent (weekly)
  • All-virtual (via Fireside app)
  • Anyone can participate live, from anywhere
  • Podcasting live on the trail

What’s not:

  • Still sharing the love of the outdoors from Boulder, Colo.
  • Show still available on Dispatch Radio podcast stream (via Apple Podcasts, etc.) 

Topic areas: 

  • Environment / Stewardship / Sustainability
  • Mental health / Resilience 
  • Outdoors access / Diversity
  • Humor / Oddball 

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