We go on obtaining Six of Wand inside position of my personal commitment with a like interest.

We go on obtaining Six of Wand inside position of my personal commitment with a like interest.

Exactly why? I know the card is actually imagine to portray victory or honors.

– Does it indicate that certainly all of us is resting to their laurels? (and I also discover exactly who that will be) – Would it express complanceny, arrogance, smugness? – anybody sleeping on their highest horse? – Or will it express victory your commitment?

I’ve found it hard to understand since the focus in the card is on someone. I cannot let thought it represents self centeredness and self satisfaction. It isn’t always the way I see our very own connection because We find it as a positive thing. I just aren’t getting a positive ambiance with this specific cards. The figure in card try facing aside like indifferent or oblivious.

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anyway, in my experience, six/wands in a partnership scatter (with regards to the situation) means admiration, which may change into really love. This will depend in the circumstances however. I’ve have they appear when my pals happened to be envious of myself because the chap involved me instead of all of them. But it got, once more, of affection which turned into a platonic bond. Surrounding notes would determine whether this admiration would end up as things more.

Sorry your late blog post. Many thanks for anyone that is published so far.

It could get anyway. We both have a lot esteem and affection for every additional but I don’t accept it as true’s in a worshipping (YOU HAPPEN TO BE GOD!) type ways. We are well-aware that neither you’re perfect.

I became down thereon understanding, I think.

Merely to explain: that is a platonic relationship during that juncture although we’ve identified each other a while. There was clearly a place in which, as a result of conditions, we were browsing get our seperate tactics permenently. Issues turned-out in another way therefore we now see each other once more. So possibly he’s delighted that people’ve *reunited* in this way. Perhaps he thinks there is however chances for us. idk.

Maybe not in such a case. Really don’t entirely believe your. It may be he views me as a sexual conquest. *He* *thinks* it might be well-received. Insight and real life, but are often different.

Yeah, well. The attraction between all of us are *intense* and off of the charts. He’s mentioned so themselves. The possibility is there. I get countless Wands in readings with your: the Ace, the Knight, the King, the Eight. But I am not sure why 6 of Wands (in place of every other Wand) will mean getting they truth be told there? Only in the same way of intimate conquest and I’m too-old and smart to go there.

I have a bit confused with the Wands sugar baby Guelph. Her powerful association with intercourse and sensuality appear to give them a single dimensionality. It seems each time I study an interpretation of a Wand, I listen to “in other statement, the chap is merely looking to get down your trousers.” How exactly does a reader or querent reconcile the fact that connections of really love frequently incorporate sex and visa versa? Servings mean adore? And wands mean one-night really stands or small flights of extravagant?

In my opinion affection is achievable. Although he’s not overt together with sentiments, sometimes he has got said something like “you’re pretty amazing” and “as soon as the supposed becomes hard, the difficult get started” talking about some problems i have gone through and just have overcome. Its good to notice this explanation since if nothing else, I recognize, he’s got value in my situation. Fancy is actually totally another problem.

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